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Stokes Ladders respects the privacy of our customers and site visitors. It is our policy:

  • To not sell, rent, exchange or loan our customer lists to third parties for e-mail, postal mail or any other type of marketing. The information you share with us, stays with us.
  • To respect the purpose for which information is given. For instance, if you provide a phone number so we can contact you with an order question, that's all we'll call about. You never have to worry about being pestered by telemarketing calls.
  • To store customer files with personal information in a secure manner. Such files are stored in areas not accessible to Web browsers, behind password protection or off-line.

We provide the same privacy protection to you that we want from websites we frequent.

800-842-7775 (In USA)
(707) 279-4306 (Outside USA)

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