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Welcome to Stokes Ladders!

Our family has been building high quality ladders, one at a time, for almost 60 years.

PanellasThe secret to our success and longevity is actually quite simple: we engineer quality, durability, safety and excellence into every ladder we make. We are so focused on this that a customer compliment has become our mantra and our promise: Standing on a Stokes ladder is "like standing on the ground".

Our passion is in helping people reach what they need to reach and climb to where they need to climb as safely as possible. That is why you will find that we don’t cut corners on materials or craftsmanship, and all of our ladders have features that improve their stability and durability – and a stable, durable, well built ladder is a safer ladder.

We are very proud of our ladders, and are delighted to show them to you. We hope you will give Stokes’ ladders a try. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy Climbing,
Greg and Allison Panella

800-842-7775 (In USA)
(707) 279-4306 (Outside USA)

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