Heavy Duty Aluminum Folding Stands

Heavy Duty Aluminum Folding Stands

Deep steps, on one or both sides, non-skid rubber feet and a wide base make for excellent stability.


  • Meets ANSI Specifications for a Type 1A, 300 lb rated ladder
  • 5-inch deep steps for easy climbing and extra comfort. Climb “DS” models from either side
  • 6061-T6 structural aluminum is used throughout stand for high strength and durability
  • Wide base for stability, tapering to large, 18" wide standing platform
  • Nearly vertical back section on single side ladders puts user closer to work
  • Spreader hinge joints use bushings, steel bolts and locknuts to provide smooth snap action, better wear, and easy part replacement.
  • A non-pinch opening, one-inch wide, runs the full length of the top platform for easy handling
  • 5/16" grade-5 steel bolts, lock nuts, and bushings are used in top platform hinge points for greater strength, low wear, and easy open/close operation
  • Aircraft rivets are solid aluminum with 800-pound shear each
  • Large heavy-duty non-skid rubber feet provide sure-footed stance
  • Formed gusset braces give additional strength

Common Uses

  • Industrial plant maintenance
  • Automotive and truck maintenance
  • Industrial and agricultural equipment maintenance
  • Air conditioning maintenance and repair
  • Shipping container maintenance

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Available Models

4000F Aluminum Folding Stands, Single Climbing Side, 8-1/4” x 18” Platform

Model No. Size V W S No. of Steps Weight
4018F 18” 17” 21-1/8” 20” 2 11 lbs.
4024F 24” 22-1/2” 22-1/2” 23-3/4” 3 14 lbs.
4030F 30” 28-1/4” 22-5/8” 27-7/8” 3 15 lbs.

4000FDS Aluminum Folding Stands, Double Climbing Sides, 10-3/4” x 18” Platform

Model No. Size V W S No. of Steps Weight
4018FDS 18” 17” 21-1/8” 23-1/2” 2 12-1/2 lbs.
4024FDS 24” 22-1/2” 22-1/2” 27-1/2” 3 16 lbs.
4030FDS 30” 28-1/4” 22-5/8” 31-1/2” 3 17 lbs.

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