Telescoping Third Leg

Telescoping Third Leg

Essential for safe ladder use on sloped ground, steps or terraces, the third leg will telescope up to one foot longer and up to five and a half feet shorter to keep steps level (actual telescoping length depends on ladder size).

  • Clamp: The heavy-duty clamp on the third leg reinforces the joint between the inner and outer parts of the telescoping third leg, and provides a low-stress attachment point for the third leg restraint when used with optional Hard Surface Kit.
  • Groove: Adds strength to the telescoping third leg and makes height adjustments smooth and easy with no “hunting” for adjustment holes.
  • Neutral decal: Takes the guesswork out of finding the correct third leg adjustment length (standard length) when using the ladder on level ground.
  • Bale pin: The pin provides a positive “lock” feature to the adjustable third leg, and the bale prevents the pin from slipping out during use. The pin is also secured by a stainless lanyard that prevents loss.

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